IPRO Director’s Message June/July

What about Bob?

Worth investigating…A whole body approach to treatment. Bob Fong writes that Tensegrity is the marriage between tension and integrity.  The fascia or connective tissue, is a web running through the body.  It is the chief compensating mechanism.  When we experience traumatic incidents over time;  both large and small, the fascia counteracts pain and mobility issues.  Internal structures begin to work in ways counter to their original Intent.  A common question to many is, ‘why the limp?’ Because we compensate. We develop a new lifestyle which is comfortable and works.  At least for the short term!  Ultimately, the body runs out of options.

Go to:     approach-to-treatment/.

Follow the path to working the source over the symptoms.

Bob Fong lives in Vancouver BC, Canada.  He is a physiotherapist at Jericho Clinic, and he has worked with Racquetball Canada for more than 10 years.


…SAMS coverage on Insurance:
AmPRO now has a rider on its Liability/Accident coverage.
Our carrier: is Loomis and Lapann.
…Iranian Racketball:
Racquetball on the Squash court; re-branded ‘Squash 57’ in 2016.
Iran is now a member of the Asian Racquetball Federation and
the International Racquetball Federation.  We are developing a
Certification at their request.  Raaj Mohan, who resides half time in
Dubai, has been appointed IPRO Liason to Asia.
…Gearbox and IPRO:
Gearbox and IPRO are collaborating on racquetball certification
opportunities in Mexico and beyond.  They have penetrated the market
in other disciplines.(Paddleball/Pickleball).  We anticipate mutual
…RacquetWorld and AmPro:
Our constituency may look forward to buying power directly with
RacquetWorld.  New AMPRO black polos are available.  Secure your
Loyalty Code (AmPRO) at  Experience discounts
up to 20%.


…Courses in Arizona, Bolivia (Santa Cruz, La Paz), Idaho,
New Mexico, Washington.
…33rd IRF World Senior Racquetball Championships; 29 Aug-2 Sept
(Register on

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‘The dangerous thing is, he does not know what it is to know something’
George Will