IPRO Director’s Message – Apr’17

IPRO Director’s Message – Apr’17

We are in San Jose, the Capital of Costa Rica. The 30th edition
of the Pan American Racquetball Championships is underway at the Club Indoor. This is the 3rd time the Pan Ams have been held in Costa Rica; the first time was in 1989. El Presidente of the country, Guillermo Solis, gave a keynote address at Opening Ceremonies. He is a very cordial and well-liked gentleman. Fifteen countries are participating, including a full team from Cuba plus a return to international play by Nicaragua and Venezuela.

A note of interest is the attendance of many Elite coaches and instructors who have gone through the IPRO training:

David Ellis (USA), Allan Chacon & Conrado Moscoso (BOL),
Rogelio Medina (CHI), Juan Manuel Gutierrez (COL),
Fernando & Jorge Rodriguez (CRI), Jorge Nunez (CUB),
Ricardo Monroy (DOM), Tom Travers (GUA),
Aaron Palomino & Fabian Parrilla (MEX), Jorge Hirsekorn (VEN)

Next year this Championship will be a `Qualifier` for the 2019 Pan Am Games iin Lima, Peru. Many thanks to the officiating and operations staffs representing seven countries. Many will assist us next year in China for the IRF World Championships. We continue to learn and share the nuances of rules changes and format protocol. It is not an easy task nor error-free experiece; yet, it will pay dividends in the future for our sport.

All of the international events have their own flavor. Many take the opportunity to stay after the events to experience the beauty, culture, and history of the region. We have a mid-week dia descanso which will allow our constituents to travel to beaches, forests, plantations, volcanos, or other locations. Some will elect to stay and relax in the city.

IPRO Welcome

USA: Donovan Duran (NM), Adrian Leyva (NM)
CHILE: Alvaro Elgueta Ovalle (Rancagua), Rodrigo Fuentealba Turconi
(Vina del Mar), Felipe Gatica Mondaca (Vina del Mar), Rodrigo Olivares Palacios (Rancagua), Sergio Rojas Barahona (Santiago), Jorge Saa Gerbier (Santiago), Jorge Villalobos Fernandez (Santiago).


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