IPRO Director’s EOY 2017 Message

EOY Director’s Message ampro/ipro

Reflections on 2017 Happy Holidays to All

Instructor/coaching/officiating Courses were held in 3 US states, Chile, and Bolivia.

Welcome and Welcome Back to IPRO—Gustavo Farell/Jay Munoz (TX), Robert Fisette (WA).

We established a goal to expand the officiating program and provide more opportunities. A multi-tier program for growth will be implemented. Stay tuned.

Luke St. Onge was elected into the IRF Hall of Fame. He was Executive Director of USAR for many years, and moved its office to Colorado Springs from Memphis. He is currently Secretary General of the IRF.

An M.D. License (Multi-Discipline) is now offered through IPRO. Racquetball piggybacks with racquetball, paddleball, and pickleball.

Lifetime Fitness in Downtown Minneapolis hosted the IRF World Juniors in November. This was the first time since 2011 that the tourney was held in the USA.

Loomis and Lapann still provides AmPRO liability insurance. Karen Boller handles our account.

Metropolitan Shanghai (China) was selected to host the 2018 IRF World Championships (August 2018). A new venue is being constructed as part of a                  multi-discipline sports park.

AmPRO & Racquetworld created a tailored collared shirt for certified instructors (

One of the Greatest Rallies Ever!! Go to: (Junior Worlds 2017).

Upcoming—courses in Albuquerque, Arlington, Boise, Phoenix, Roanoke, Santa Cruz, Temuco


Instructor tip of the month:

     …Establish a rapport with your venue administration, management, ownership.

     …Secure all documents in writing; such as an independent contractor agreement.

     …Be visible; with staff, membership, guests.

     …Network with those who have a passion and a strong skill set to expand your influence.

     …Learn to delegate in order to work more efficiently.

     …Remember that you are ‘in business’.


Quote of the month:   ‘Your life will be a masterpiece; when you learn to master peace’  – Enelor

Gary Mazaroff

6201 Copper NE Albuquerque, NM 87108 USA (505) 321-1110